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*Fitness Coaching   *Nordic Walking  *Gentle Restorative Yoga 

Join us and experience the positive changes that a little bit of

moving, breathing, and concentration can have on your health and wellbeing.

Aging, illness, body size, and injury can shift our experience in daily activities from feeling

productive, helpful, and exhilarating, to something that feels painful, discouraging,

or just unachievable. 

Moving through life with ease is our birthright!

From the moment we are born our story begins. Some of those stories leave residue in the form of fear,

pain, instability and decreased movement. 

Moving With Jacki brings breath, movement, and stability together. 

Improve balance, enhance flexibility, build strength, restore posture, enhance focus and improve health.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is one of the fastest growing recreational fitness sports. It’s an easy way to improve physical conditioning, balance, and posture, regardless of

age or physical condition. 

Work the upper body and legs simultaneously for a more efficient cardio workout, burning up to 40%

more calories than ordinary walking. 

If you can walk, you can Nordic Walk!

Using specially designed poles, 

Nordic Walking can: 

*Improve Posture and Back Health 

*Increase Oxygen Consumptionfor Heart Health 

*Support Weight Management 

*Support Healthy Bone Density 

*Strengthen Upper Body and Core Muscles 

*Reduce Impact 

*Provide Stability and Balance


Moving With Jacki offers a vast array of

yoga classes for you to choose from. 

Soft Yoga®,Deeply Restorative Yoga, 

Yoga Exploration, and Yoga Warriors®. 

Most class offerings invite you to participate 

at your level. The use of props (such as

chairs, bolsters, blocks, straps, and blankets) and

modifications allow for supported, full participation without discomfort. 

You will never be required to be

on your knees or in uncomfortable positions.

Specialty Workshops

Moving With Jacki offers

specialty workshops throughout the year 

with topics that range from body image, recovery, anatomy and even a walk-stretch combo. 

Custom Workshops are available as well as a

variety of selected topics throughout the year.

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